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In a project, success may be defined as a well-done accomplishment of a project on time and on budget. Engineering errors in design or construction stage is one of factors making a project over budget. Some of engineer’s failure factors can be as follows:

  • Lack of engineering knowledge required for analysis, interpretation and validation of software results

  • Lack of knowledge required for using an engineering method effectively including its limitations and assumptions on which the method is developed

  • Lack of basis knowledge required for understanding concepts of codes

This website improves the knowledge by sharing some tools with users. These tools help engineers to understand some crucial concepts in piping analysis as well as limitations of some common engineering practices. 



Our team consists of experienced engineers in various industries. Many years  experience shows that making documentation of experiences and sharing them lead to a good result including improved team's knowledge which causes errors reduction. Besides, the obtained knowledge in a short time was remarkable. Technical discussion over lessons learned, common engineering methods and code concepts have been a main factor in improvment of team's efficiency. Therefore we decided to share our studies which have been written based on our interpretation of materials gathered from references  and  our experiences. These materials must not be used for engineering practice at all (See Disclaimer). 



Our experience in engineering shows us how beneficial is documenting engineering documents, experiences and lessons learned. For avoiding engineering’s errors in piping stress engineering field which may arise from lack of engineering knowledge we have been trying to make a platform which gives some beneficial tools as follows:

  • Technical papers

In this section, some of our studies and experiences have been presented with the related references. They are written based on our interpretation. Although they cannot be used in engineering practices (See Disclaimer), they give users a general opinion about what is going on behind the scene.

  • Calculation sheets

For better understanding of the engineering methods and practices, some calculation sheets have been developed. 


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